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  • Many of Dr. Graham’s clients and colleagues…even people meeting her for the first time, see her almost like their own, as they like to say “Shrink,” Psychologist because of her natural and unique people’s and communications skills. An almost innate ability to immediately add clarity/transparency that makes achieving results a lot easier.
  • Graham left corporate in 2014 to fill gaps and pain-points she noticed being experienced by small businesses and individuals. Shortly after completing her Ph.D., she leaped from the Corporate ship onto the Entrepreneurship Shuttle by starting a consulting business from nothing; except with an idea that she had solutions to some of the challenges to small businesses and individuals seeking personal and professional growth. And so, with only a few pennies in her pockets, she decided to play a role in helping others charter their economic success course. With over 18 years of experience from large to small organizations in over 15 industries and areas of business, she has served as the chief officer, director, senior manager and interim COO.


The overabundance of information makes it very challenging to get a targeted message out. This makes it more intimidating for individuals and small business owners to navigate and take the risk in order to Transform Visions into Possibilities. Dr. Graham has worked with and trained thousands of individuals ranging in ages 14-

74; (Gamers, Millennials, XYers, Boomers), and is often complimented on being “real;’ (relatable and motivational). She runs an active Mentorship Program, LIASB Women in Business and has Facilitated Going Places Network Dress for Success LI that helps disadvantage women re-enter the workforce. Dr. Graham does these to be a resource of strength and encouragement to guide others on their path to success.


Dr. Graham, A WE NYC Mentor, LIBN Diversity in Business Honoree has developed the CDP Model from her

published research of Profitability and Cultural Diversity with an Upcoming book on Diversity and Profitability. Dr. Graham’s portfolio also includes over 10 Research, Development and Commercialization projects including three (3) Workforce Development and Educational Programs and Fuel Cell Team 2017 Innovate LI Awards.

Educational liaison role includes: Farmingdale State College, Stony Brook University, and University of the West Indies-Institute for Sustainable Development and SUNY UWI Institute for Sustainable Leadership.

Other roles: Chairs LIASB-Women in Business; Member of Town of Brookhaven Black History Commission;

Facilitator, Co-Founder “Brand Yourself in the Energy World;” Co-Developer and Partner for Technology Transfer and Technology Commercialization Specialist and Trainer (Stony Brook University Certificate Program); and Past facilitator for LI Dress For Success Going Places Network Program.


  • Sc. in Management
  • Sc. in Accounting
  • MBA-Global Management
  • PhD in Healthcare Administration
  • Trainer and Specialist in Technology Transfer and Commercialization

Quick tip: Important to success and a unique and quality brand: Plan, Research, Streamline, Build relationship and Take the risk. Remove the visors; see the possibilities. Goals can sometimes feels far off but it is usually nearer than it seems; Just don’t quit when things don’t go as planned because there’re many options that waits.

Remember, success is relative and is very rarely attained overnight by most and requires continuous work.


  • Carving Out Your Own Path Identification and Finding Your Purpose – How To Stay The Course™
  • Is It Too Late? The Lighter Side™
  • Identifying Your Steps A Retold Untold Story
  • Some Dreams Take Longer – How To Stay The Course™
  • Pivoting – Successful Navigation
  • Emotional Intelligence Negotiating Difference between Women and Men
  • Finding The “Itch and Hitch” in Operations™

 October 2017 Book Release: (KEOS™) Roadmap SERIES –The Journey’s Guide to Entrepreneurship Published: Discovering Profitability In The Context Of Cultural Diversity-An Emerging Grounded Theory Study, Published 2012.

Proposed Study: The National Science Foundation, Science of Organizations: The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Profitability in Global Operations in G10 Countries.

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The WCPD goal is to transform women's lives through innovative mentorship programs, thereby transcending social and economic barriers to help dreams become realities.

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